Who we are

Special conditions for groups. Make your birthday party by the sea. Unique conditions for company events. Contact Us

Special Conditions for companies. Have you birthday by the sea. Unique conditions for cooperate parties. Contact Us

Who we are:

The Iceberg was born with the aim of creating a new party atmosphere, of all the different existing in the Portuguese night.
All started with some experience within the branch, but it was here that we develop our abilities to serving the customer well. Without ever having looked at others as inspiration, We developed this project with no intention of being another, but to create an entirely new location. The Iceberg is a mirror of each one of us who works for the essential: the clients. And this is reflected in the personality and joy of each of us.

The Iceberg has been giving a new color and quality to national night, becoming a mandatory stop. The Iceberg is an escape from the day-to-day.
With the strength of the good mood and at ease with those who visit us, go customers friends shortly after entering in our world. With good music and always present yet, with the great desire to give all the best to accompany us to, we have created a different space, available for all music lovers. In summer we mark the difference for live shows, in such varied genres that is impossible to resist.

Thinking in the first person, there are few places where we can be right with whom we met while being in a different place than we are accustomed to find. In Iceberg even people who know the night, here are a unique place and always innovating.
The Iceberg says goodbye and thanks. Expect your visit, so you can check with your own eyes that magic exists.
On Ice Since 2005